Belford Birds is pleased to announce that  they have merged with Budgies Of Distinction LLC and opened an exclusive new store located at 32 Main Street, Matawan, NJ. This union of quality birds and top avian products allows our customers to have access to fantastically fresh ORGANIC BIRD food for all birds, plus top of the line cages an accessories. Our selection of toys and activity items is unsurpassed in the pet industry with over 240 sq feet of wall space dedicated to just toys from canary to large parrots. We are more than just a Bird Shop, come check us out. 

     Now offering Canaries and Finches, Hand-fed Cockatiels, Hand-fed Love Birds, Hand-fed Parrolets, Hand-fed Rosey Bourkes, AND SELECT HAND-FED PARROTS, plus ORGANIC SEED BLENDS, ABBA SEED PRODUCTS, GOLDENFEAST, SCARLET WILD BIRD FOOD.  KINGS CAGES, A&E, YML CAGES just to mention a few. All at considerable savings to our customers because our business overhead is much lower. WE MEET OR BEAT INTERNET PRICING. FREE DELIVERY AND SET UP IN OUR LOCAL MARKET ON ALL WROUGHT IRON CAGES
    Another new service that we offer is our monthly food program that provides our fresh blends of bird foods and CA. Millet delivered to your door, for less than you can drive and purchase similar formulated blends at local pet stores or big box stores.
   Bird Lover's Paradise breeds 100% pure Hand-fed English Budgies, Cockatiels, Love Birds, fed only our own hand-feeding formula. We do not use Kaytee because of the many  recalls through out 2011 and 2012 . All of our babies are hand fed and imprinted human from the age of 7 days of age, they are not parent raised.
    One may find lower priced birds, but we are considered one of the best. The main reason is the amount of love we give them and the time we take with each person who gets one of our TLC babies.

     Bird Lover's Paradise raises quality hand-fed babies, and we do this all year long. We do this full time, we're more than just a home hobbyist, we're experts.
     At Bird Lover's Paradise we offer not just hand-fed babies, but companion pets that will have the ability to speak to their human companions.  We bring to you an avian experience that delivers support and training help after the adoption. Each English Budgie baby is delivered with a full training video and handbook and at customer's expense a DNA Certificate to guarantee sex issued by Avian Bio Labs. We are always available  to help you with after sale questions. 

   Wouldn't you want to get your companion pet from a breeder who has forty years of experience raising and training companion pet birds like Bird Lover's Paradise. Someone that  will be your mentor and guide, or would you rather just go to a store and pick out one from a cage, sold to you by a part time clerk, thousands of our satisfied customers made just that decision. We have opened Bird Lover's Paradise so we may offer great pricing, professional personnel, quality products that are safe, non toxic and many hand-made for you companion friend.  

    Many people are not aware of what an English Budgie is, or where they came from, or why they are so different from their cousin the American Parakeet. Here on our web page we will attempt explain the differences and show you why we think this exciting and beautiful small parrot is the best companion pet in the world.
    In size the English is two to three times the size of the American Parakeet and much more impressive with a high crown of feathers on it's head and Santa looking beard. When the budgie is standing there looking at you, one can't help but notice the weight lifter like chest and regal appearance giving it the title of, "The Jewel of Exhibition Birds."
   The English Budgie has a gentler personality and calmer demeanor than normal "Keets". They also have a better capacity to speak than the American Parakeet, it is considered one of the best talking small parrots in the world.
    The English Budgie's colors have a greater color range with vibrant shades and are much more varied than it's smaller cousin. The shades and size possessed by this friendly and comic clown are so vibrant they take your breath away especially the magnificent Violets, Rainbow and Spangled varieties. 
    The United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia through years of selective breeding brought us this wonderful and amusing little friend. Please read through our web site and browse our Photo Gallery to see the difference.    
    Spangle mutations  first appeared in 1974 in the aviary of a fancier in Traralgon, Victoria, Australia the breeder was breeding on the colony system. Soon after that the variety was established by another fancier from the same area. The original fancier confirmed that the mother of the first Spangle was a Dark-Eyed Clear White. The father could have been a Dominant Pied split for Recessive Pied who was occupying the same nest box as that hen. A few years later a young Swiss took some of these birds with him from Australia where he was residing, to Switzerland when visiting his parents. These were sold to two fanciers in Germany, and the Spangle arrived in the UK in the late seventies from that initial European source. They were out-crossed to top quality stock and soon the variety was established on the show bench winning  top major specials.
    At Bird Lover's Paradise we wanted to specialize and take it just a little farther.  Breeding for Blue and shades of blue only, we have been successful in producing the highly prized Violet Spangle, and many other Violet shades along with the Ice Blue Clear Wing, Rainbow, Violet Creme Spangle, Azure, Cobalt and Cinnamon Wisteria . We're not the first, but we are one of  only a handful of English Budgies Breeders trying to create more of these magnificent mutant varieties for you in the U.S.A.

    At our AVIARY, BELFORD BIRDS we are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. If you purchase one of our babies we will give you free of charge our video of My Budgie & Me a real training video using our babies in real situations a $6.99 value.
  With a variety of rare and usual color morphs to choose from, we're confident you'll be happy obtaining your pet bird from us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us from our email page.
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     New from Belford Birds, Our video "My Budgie & Me" on YOUTUBE.COM, This is a training video, a spot on training tool on how to develop your NEW PET into a great companion by watching us take a bird from untrained to trained in 20 minutes. It's free, it's accurate, and it's available. use it on our birds to make them better or on your own bird to correct problems.
    We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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