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  Our family has been breeding birds for over forty years honing and nurturing their love of animals and skills at breeding not only birds , but small mammals, fish, reptiles and horses. We have now narrowed down to what we believe is the absolute perfect avian companion pet, if not one of the best all around in the animal kingdom, the English Budgie.
   The breeding season is from September through May, but we have extended that by using special lighting and climate control in our aviary to provide a year round supply for hand-fed babies. We can provide you with Hand Fed Babies to Young Adult males. Females are sometimes available to serious breeders only ( we do not sell bonded pairs) during our March Breeder Sale.
   We also build Custom English Nesting Boxes upon request.These boxes cannot be found in pet stores, and like the English Budgie they are hard to find.
  Our aviary has a fine reputation for breeding some of the finest examples of the most spectacular color morphs such as Spangle, Lutino Spangle, Electric Blue Spangle and Violet shades in the avian community.
Check out our Photo Gallery so you can judge for yourself. Our birds unique colors can't be found in colony bred pet store birds, only through genetic color breeding. The same way the English Budgie was developed by careful selection of the mature breeding adults.
  At Belford Budgies all of our birds are housed indoors in controlled settings. The Closed Banded babies are handled and hand fed five  times a day from seven days old until weaning to human imprint and socializing them to people. We offer this unique service and are expert in the feeding and care of these birds. Most hobby breeders can't offer this particular service because of the small size of the babies and time constraints .
  All of our original stock was from top show breeders in the United States and from our neighbor to the north, Canada.
   Belford Budgies only offers healthy happy pet and show quality birds and will ship at purchaser's expense for shipping and handling plus airline approved shipping crate to most cities in the US. or Puerto Rico via Continental Air Lines or one of their carriers. 
   Our aviaries policy is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire goal is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
  Pet stores have closing hours, we are only an email away whether your in NJ or Houston, TX. Hit the send key we monitor until 11 P.M. SEVEN DAYS A WEEK
  We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service and companion pet in the industry. We offer a 30 day Health only warranty for a replacement baby only when babies are available. No refunds or vet bills shall be provided.
  Go to our Photo Gallery to see just some of our more exotic colors. These  birds are some of the rarest color morphs in the industry. Some occur only once every five hundred hatch-lings.

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